All in vegan

Beyond Meat's The Beyond Burger

Mr. Cool is a meat eater but he is gradually incorporating a lot of vegan option into his world. This is partly because his wife and many of his friends have turned vegan but mostly because some of the vegan options today are just so delicious that he doesn't feel like he is sacrificing!

Follow Your Heart Provolone & American Cheese Slices

Finding replacements as a vegan becomes incredibly hard when it gets to cheese. Many try but very few deliver. Many of our favorite comfort foods include cheese – grilled cheese sandwich, pizza, lasagna…I could go on and on. We tried anything new that came to the market but were disappointed most of the time.

UNREAL Vegan Chocolates

We are in LOVE with these chocolates! I am always looking for healthy desserts for my kiddos (and us). I am vegan, my kiddos eat meat but no dairy or eggs and Mr. Cool is a part-time vegan. We don't do artificial coloring, corn syrup or ingredients we can't pronounce.