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MODRN MAN Cleanser

Let me start with the fact that Mr. Cool doesn't have much of a skincare routine. Don't let the fact that he has done some modeling in the past fool you. He has been washing his face with bar soap for years.

The Sultra Styling Iron

We’ve tried a lot of high-end flat irons over the years…some leaps and bounds better than others. In our search for the best curling iron, we discovered the Sultra Styling Iron and decided it was special enough to include in our Mother’s Day Gift segment.

Priti NYC

I’ve had a hard time finding a substitute for acetone. The natural polish removers took forever to work and never really removed all of the polish.

Clarisonic Plus

We are a bit picky about what we use on our face and body. We don't want to overload our skin with chemicals so the Clarisonic skin cleansing system allows us to get glowing clean skin that allows our skincare to do its job.