Irene & Dino (aka Mr. & Mrs. Cool)


Mr. and Mrs. Cool have been connoisseurs of Cool Stuff for over 40 years! They live in one of the coolest places in the world – Southern California with their very cool little girl and boy. Mrs. Cool has always had an attraction to all things exquisite. She researches tirelessly for the best in everything. She is passionate about highlighting people, companies, products, and services that help others live a more beautiful life and create a more beautiful world.

Mr. Cool is in the Information Technology industry and likes to live and work on the bleeding edge of technology. He has been taking gadgets apart to see how they tick since the age of 3! He is a self-proclaimed occasional genius – which he notes is much harder than a full-time genius. He is the guy that stood in line for 8+ hours for the latest gadget. Over the years, he has fine-tuned his ability to spot a real technology upgrade versus the latest fad.